New to the Netherlands


A new country, new opportunities they say.

Relocating to another country is always exciting, you go through all sorts of positive emotions: happy to be in a new land with new opportunities, living the dream, exploring, making new friends. A whole new chapter of your life is about to come true!

It all goes well but slowly you realize that the job market in your country is different than here. Not only that, but some habits which are OK in your country are considered rude here, or the other way around.

How can you cope with all these changes and at the same time find your dream job in a completely new market?

Just like you, I relocated to The Netherlands as well and I went through the same dilemmas.

Together we will analyze your background, cultural heritage, traditions and we will create your own personal map of values.

We will also look into the market trends and specifics in your country comparing to NL, thus creating a job map.

Once we have these maps we will identify together what would be your new career in a new country without losing your own initial values.