Client reviews


" I was stuck. In spite of deep awareness that my work was not bringing me satisfaction I longed for, and in spite of inner drive to change - I was not moving forward. I had no clear idea which direction to take in the area of 'working with people'. While searching for the vacancies in hope that one tailored for me will miraculously pop up, I landed on the page about career counseling. I reached out to Raluca and from the very first phone call there was a click. She asked the right questions, brought humor and confidence, and showed me the stumbling blocks like my self-sabotage. In the sessions that followed, Raluca helped me work from inside out and develop awareness about my core qualities, motivators and the best working environment for me to thrive in. By the end of our third session I had a strong sense of direction I should take and could focus my search. 

The sessions with Raluca are inspiring and fun. Full of insights and tools that can be used to progress. Highly recommended! 

Thank you Raluca! The counseling sessions with you gave me insight into my personal values. I feel more confident. No more waiting!" 

Zorica F.

" Raluca has helped me a great deal crystallize a career strategy after relocation to the Netherlands, which is not only clear and pragmatic, but also makes me feel really inspired about it. I also admire how her work with me made me feel confident at interviews. Many thanks and definitely recommend! "

Natalia P.

"Raluca is very talented coach. During our coaching sessions, she helped me a lot to identify my strengths and how I can put them to use in my personal and professional growth. She is friendly and has always positive energy. I strongly recommend you meet her."

Sibel S.

" Raluca is very much helpful and and motivates you to find your path. From making resumes till finding your job she supports and cheers you up all the time. I had a very nice experience with her.
If you are a expat searching for a job or if you want a career change you must consult The Talent Builder!"

Vinuta H. 

"Raluca has the talent to pinpoint an exactly customized coaching. I have learned so much how to improve my behavior and how to present myself. She is really able to motivate and teach the positiveness from all aspects of communication. I feel very lucky to experience the talent coaching program from Raluca.”
Viviane S.

" Finding your working place in today's industry and market can sure be a demanding and overwhelming task to undergo. It is even more pressuring and stressful if you do this in a new country you are not yet very familiar with. The sheer amount of possibilities, the rapid pace of the ever demanding industry and the lack of a clear map of how to navigate the sea of jobs can make one feel overpowered and lost in their quest to find that one job which feels like it was made just for you. Raluca's knowledge of HR and recruiting as well as the job market in the Netherlands, combined with her experience, her awesome personality and coaching skills are allies you will want on your side if you ever want to make that change in your life which brings you closer to doing something you enjoy and get a sense of accomplishment from. Working with Raluca is always a pleasure. You will get not only guidance, structure and a plan on how to move forward with a job search, Raluca will also help you sort out perspectives on yourself and see your professional strengths clearly. She will help you identify what motivates you, what drives you and makes you tick, what would bring rewards in your life but also what would drain you of energy as well and learn to recognize and avoid that. She will guide and support you and replace the stress with a map to guide you towards your goals. And if you can't identify your goals anymore, she will help you do that as well."

Roxana P.