What's your Supertalent?

I strongly believe that people can do almost anything they wish to achieve as long as they have guidance and they are willing to work, learn and embrace positive change.

Pleased to meet you, I am Raluca, the person behind The Talent Builder.

I am an HR expert educated in Psychology with 13 years’ experience in international recruitment.

I’ve always found my vocation in helping people find their way in complicated career paths.

The idea for The Talent Builder started some years back when I realized that most of my friends and colleagues were unhappy at work. They all had different backgrounds and each case was a complex mixture of various elements. They all started their jobs with enthusiasm but somewhere along the way, for various personal and/or professional reasons they became unhappy at work.

Our lives change with every event that comes our way and since we change, should our careers stay the same? Wouldn’t this make us unhappy?

Together we will discover and build a new career path for your professional success.

Your happiness is in your hands!



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