Professional resume (CV), cover letter and LinkedIn profile

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Why is it important?

Your resume (CV), cover letter and LinkedIn page are your business cards. They act as ambassadors on your behalf, they can make the difference between getting your dream job or being rejected at the first recruitment step - CV screening.

With my strong background in recruitment I can help you create the best professional documents.


In business, as in life, the first impression counts the most!

Cover Letter

Often overlooked or simply copy-pasted from the internet, this document should express who you are as a person and why you have applied for that particular job. 

It is like the introduction for a book or the trailer for a movie, if it is not good, the interviewers will not be interested to read further or invite you for a job interview.


The resume (CV) is the story of your professional life. It should contain the important details, but not be too long. It should be a reflection on your accomplishments without bragging. 

Everything should be well structured, honest and it should reflect who you really are professionally.

A professional resume template can open the door to many jobs!

LinkedIn Page

The most important business card of all is the LinkedIn page. 

Here, the interviewers can see your professional evolution, your interests, articles, the story behind the resume etc. It is very important to keep it detailed and accurate. It can make the difference between getting an invitation for a job interview or having your application declined.